After a stressful day at work or just arriving from a tiring travel, our body starts to experience cramps and pain especially on the lower part of your back that is common and expected . As our body gets older or as we become adults with lots of responsibilities, our body starts to look for cures that would take all those pains away. There are tons of remedies you could do for yourself.


Let Good Sleep Be Your Hero

Sleeping is the easiest way to relax and the most awaited part of the day; but somehow sleeping would also cause some uncomfortable pain especially if we’re doing it the wrong way. We all have our own signature sleeping position; however, some of those positions are not good for our body and might be the cause for lower back pains. Jotted down are few sleeping positions that you should AVOID:


  • When we sleep and we have our lower back overly arched – When legs are too straight but our back is too arched, obviously would cause a not so good morning.


  • Baby position; legs are too bent and back is too bent. How sweet it is to remind us of how we sleep on our mother’s womb, but in this isn’t a good choice especially as we get older.


  • Excessively tilted head: We want to breathe some air and sometimes our pillows aren’t in place, unconsciously we sleep in this position and


Cold or Hot Compress to Suppress

Cold compress could relax the muscles or cover up the pain with numbness, it is an easy remedy you could do yourself. Though it would only suppress the aggravating pain for a while, it is better than not having any remedy at all. When you feel that the cold was too much for you to handle, you could switch to hot compress.

Turn to Your Trusty Pain Reliever

Experts don’t tolerate too much use of pain relievers; it could damage your health in the long run. Check your medicine kit for Anti-inflammatory medicines available; aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen. You should check first with your doctor if it’s safe for you to use.


Get Yourself Checked

It is not always that we have back pain because of our bad positions, slaggy posture, or unbearable daily activities; sometimes it is due to health problems or conditions that we may be unaware. When it becomes too unbearable and occasional, it is best that you consult your doctor; don’t over drug yourself with pain relievers, it will complicate your body in the future.