Welcome to Trsst: An Open and Secure Alternative to Twitter

Post your considerations, share interfaces, and pursue other fascinating individuals or sites, utilizing the web or your portable or any product of your decision.

The majority of your private presents on people or loved ones are safely encoded so that even your facilitating supplier – or government – can’t open them.

The majority of your open posts are carefully marked so you can demonstrate that nobody – and no legislature – altered or blue-pencilled your works.

You control your character and your posts and can move them to another site or facilitating supplier whenever.

Consider Trsst a RSS peruser (and essayist) that works like Twitter, however, worked for the open web. General society stuff remains open and hunts indexable, and the private stuff is encoded and anchored. Just you will hold your keys, so your facilitating supplier can’t move you out.

Trsst fitting in on the open web

Actually, Trsst is a working reference usage that characterizes a straightforward and open standard for secure blogging on the open web. See our white paper for points of interest or jump to the How It Works area beneath. We need you to have bunches of various customers and servers to look over.

However, the vital curve is that Trsst is worked for everybody. Trsst locales can closely resemble Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr. Furthermore, from the very beginning, you can pursue all your most loved destinations and bloggers that post RSS channels. Also, they’ll have the capacity to tail you.

There will be no reason not to do the change to the open web.

Your Role

In the event that you think this is an exceedingly critical, or notwithstanding fascinating, we’re asking you to: (1) back it, (2) utilize it, and (3) recover your companions to it and utilize it.

A commitment today of any sum is worth tenfold the amount of as a commitment tomorrow since it raises permeability on Kickstarter and gets us before significantly more individuals.

So in case you’re notwithstanding considering it… it would be ideal if you make the jump at this moment and tap the huge green catch at upper right.

What You Get

You get a completely practical record on adaptable, secure, and shopper review RSS-perusing and microblogging administration with web and versatile web customers facilitated at trsst.com that dispatchers at the very latest December 2013.

You are the underlying client base and have a voice in how the venture advances. Reward levels incorporate saving your client id and changeless quit all advertisements or supported posts on the off chance that we ever need to turn to that.

You are recognized (in the event that you need) on our about page as an individual from the establishing group (or you can stay unknown). Indeed, even at the most minimal level, it’s in any event in the same class as being in the LOTR credits.

We will put an imprint in the planet. Assume the praise.

Why Bother?

You’ve perused the news. Individuals are at long last awakening to what whatever remains of us have known for quite a while: everything everybody does on the web is being gathered and collected for a definitely evil reason.

Trsst standards great crypto practices and utilization among the general customer gathering of people to make worldwide correspondences – all in all, and in the total – all the more free, private, and secure.

Toward the day’s end, each organization you trust – Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, or Baidu – is an enterprise claimed by investors and subject to the administrative ward.

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